L&K Swim Products Supply Co., Ltd

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skype: Jack.kang496
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Name: Mark Liu
Mobile: +8615383777810
E-mail: iceeyes2008@gmail.com
E-mail: swim_caps@hotmail.com
Add: Yunhe Zone, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China
Skype: Jack.kang496
MSN: swim_caps@hotmail.com
MSN: swim_caps@hotmail.com Skype: Jack.kang496 facebook: facebook.com/iceeyes2008 iceeyes2008@gmail.com swim_caps@hotmail.com

About Us

L&K Swim Products Supply Co., Ltd Products Supply was built up in 2010 . It is a professional manufacturer of swim caps, swim goggles, swim gloves, nose clip, ear plugs etc . Our products have passed ISO9001 and CE .Our swim products are welcomed by swimming schools, distributers , dealers from all over the world . Would you love to enjoy an enjoyable purchasing ? Don’t hesitate to contact us .We have been ready to service you any time.

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MSN: swim_caps@hotmail.com Skype: Jack.kang496 iceeyes2008@gmail.com swim_caps@hotmail.com